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For HOME & UNL Computers Symantec Endpoint Protection

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Protecting your computer

Viruses, Trojans, and Worms are malicious programs that are easily spread across computers with email and internet access. 

UNL offers antivirus protection for all University-owned computers, as well as for computers personally-owned by UNL students, faculty and staff.  This service is offered at no charge to the campus.

Using the UNL-provided antivirus is not required, but you may be required to use an antivirus program with current definitions for your computer to be granted access on UNL's network.

Malicious attacks can result in
  • Identity theft
  • Corrupt and deleted files
  • Loss of network connectivity
  • Compromised computers that are remotely controlled by hackers


Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Prevent intrusions and stop attacks before they reach endpoints
  • Protect endpoints from known and unknown threats using advanced threat prevention
  • Prevent unauthorized access to resources and gain visibility into security event information
About UNL antivirus
  • UNL, through its membership in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), has licensed Symantec Endpoint Protection as a campus antivirus solution.
  • Antivirus is provided at no charge to all UNL students, faculty and staff for use on all UNL and personally-owned computers.

Symantec Endpoint

Symantec Endpoint Suite

Symantec Endpoint
For University-owned departmental computers only

Request installation

***NOTE:  If your University computer is managed by Information Technology Services Enterprise Desktop Services (Device Management tool)  or by your department tech, your antivirus will be installed for you. 

Download Antivirus

These downloads are being made available for self-managed work or home computers, free of charge, for UNL students, faculty and staff.

For UNL self-managed, Student and personally-owned computers


An installation CD-ROM is also available.  Contact the Computer Help Center

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